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We believe in a digital future

At Dutch Greenfields we are inspired by new digital technologies and enthusiastic about business model innovations. We believe that the success of each company depends on the extend to which a company is able to adapt digital technologies and is willing to build a disruptive digital business. Through valuable and scalable e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, mobile applications or cloud solutions for distributing products and services - solving challenges or taking advantage of opportunities, creating unique customer experiences, improving reachability and accessibility - companies can create more value and secure revenue streams in the future.

Dutch Greenfields is a Dutch digital business accelerator facilitating a digital business building platform for independent digital business development. We provide knowledge, experience, resources and an extensive business network with the aim to generate and accelerate digital business ideas. Our promise is to get digital businesses launched. We are business architects and developers. We build digital businesses.

We offer a digital business acceleration program to help companies to build digital businesses. We mainly focus on entrepreneurship and the business challenges while developing a digital business from start-up to growth.

We build digital businesses based on 3 fundamental pillars;


Building digital businesses offering an eco-system with a business network, learning events and the support from our mentors and professionals.


Providing UX design, digital product development and our digital marketing tools to focus on customer experience and development.

Business Lab

Offering startups office space in order to independently validate, build and grow the digital business and the organization.

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Building platform for digital business development

The development of internet technology is the cause of rapidly changing markets and industries. Companies are confronted with disruptive startups introducing game-changing business models and using internet technology for the distribution of products and services. Therefore companies need to act fast, need to be flexible and need to find the necessary resources to develop, build and grow competitive alternatives or even new digital business ideas. We solve this challenge by providing a independent building platform offering services for fast, flexible and turn-key digital business development. With our associated international companies, partners and a flexible team of best-class professionals in the field of digital business development, we offer all digital business development capabilities. Besides business development capabilities, we provide UX design, technical digital product development, digital marketing services and solutions.

Our shared building platform is focussed on the development of the following online models and themes;


Wholesale and retail companies in all industries among others fashion, living, food, FMCG, merchandise both in BtoC and BtoB markets.


Marketplace companies create venues where sellers and buyers transact directly. Some industries are real estate, transport, travel and business services.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications for iOS and Android are used for products and (marketing) services in all industries among others publishing, health, social and creative industries.

Software as a Service

With SAAS software solutions are offered through the cloud to consumers and businesses avoiding expensive IT infrastructure using subscription models e.g. CRM, marketing, analytics.


Connectivity is about creating multi-channel customer experiences with integrated digital solutions for web, mobile, social media and contact center, translated to solutions for physical locations.

Big data

The digitization of society delivers tons of data through social media and usage of mobile devices. Gathering data for analysis lead to better insight in brand experience and customer satisfaction.


Digital business acceleration program

Our goal is to build and accelerate online business ideas and digital businesses. We provide an acceleration program for traditional companies to launch digital businesses and to get through the different phases of business development.

Our intention is to provide business guidance where it counts the most for the digital business involved. We aim for business growth and increase business value.

Our acceleration program is based on the following approach;


Scan ideas, validating assumptions, pivoting business approach and creating repeatable and scalable business models.


Developing digital products from minimal viable products (MVP) to extensive digital products and solutions.


Support growth by customer creation and venture building through digital marketing and business development.


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% Building Platform


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% Business Lab 

" The beauty of this world is that everybody can change it. "
Maurice Levy

Digital professionals & business network

We believe in a diverse range of professionals to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table. Through our extensive digital professionals network we have all expertise at hand. Our team is specialized in among others legal, finance, business development, sales, design, digital product development, digital marketing and organization building. We use our inspiration, knowledge and experience to share insights, generating ideas and pro-actively turn findings in valuable digital business ideas for our ventures. Through our extensive business network we offer valuable contacts for the benefit of the digital business involved.




How do we start?

You are a business owner, director or executive? You want to build a digital business? You have a great digital business idea or an early-stage startup in development? Your idea or start-up is innovative, unique and scalable?

You seek for independent advice, resources and network to develop your digital business ideas? You seek for possibilities to speed-up and grow your digital business?

Accelerate your idea and build your digital business using our independent building platform. Start in 3-steps;

1. Learn

We work together with you and your team to get more insights in your digital business idea or innovation and requirements.

2. Match

We offer our proposal for our digital business acceleration program and make necessary preparations for the start.

3. Start

We get started to develop your digital business both from technical and business perspective heading for growth.


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  • Logic brings you from A to B. Imagination brings you everywhere.

    Albert Einstein

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