Do you want to build your digital business?

When you have a great digital business idea, you want to make sure that it has the potential to grow and to reduce possible business risks. With our Digital Business Scan (DBScan) we start with the first validation of your digital business idea. We look at the business and technical perspectives of your digital business idea. We follow the next steps;

1. Scan

We help with a first validation of your business idea. We identify risks both from business and/or technical perspective.

2. Learn

We provide workshops and work together with you and your team to get more insights in your digital business requirements.

3. Start

We offer our proposal for the 100-days acceleration program. We help you with preparations to get started.

Who we are looking for?

  • You are a business owner, an entrepreneur or you have the ambition to become one
  • You have a great digital business idea or an early-stage startup in development
  • You have a digital business idea in the area’s of e-commerce, marketplaces, mobile applications, software as a service, connectivity or big data.
  • Your idea is innovative, unique and scalable
  • You are motivated to learn how to build your digital business
  • You seek for more resources and network to develop your digital business ideas
  • You seek for possibilities to speed-up and grow your digital business

What is the investment

We offer the DBScan for free.

How to get your DBScan

Sign-up for the free DBscan below.

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