Wholesale and retail companies in all industries among others fashion, living, food, FMCG, merchandise both in BtoC and BtoB markets.


Marketplace companies create venues where sellers and buyers transact directly. Some industries are real estate, transport, travel and business services.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications for iOS and Android are used for products and (marketing) services in all industries among others publishing, health, social and creative industries.

Software as a Service

With SAAS software solutions are offered through the cloud to consumers and businesses avoiding expensive IT infrastructure using subscription models e.g. CRM, marketing, analytics.


Connectivity is about creating multi-channel customer experiences with integrated digital solutions for web, mobile, social media and contact center, translated to solutions for physical locations.

Big data

The digitization of society delivers tons of data through social media and usage of mobile devices. Gathering data for analysis lead to better insight in brand experience and customer satisfaction.

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